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DEA Summer Internships Application 2022 | Apply Now!


    Through the DEA Summer Internship Program, college students can gain valuable work experience while learning and developing skills in a field of their choice. Internship Students will have the opportunity to speak at DEA headquarters, attend networking events, and intern. Students can develop skills that will help them succeed in the workplace through this internship program. Additionally, they can build a network of contacts and learn valuable career tips.

    While working alongside fellow interns, the DEA Internship Program provides an engaging way to learn more about government and law enforcement careers. As a participant in this program, you are more likely to be considered for future employment and to receive scholarships and other financial aid.

    About Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)

    As a federal law enforcement agency under the U.S. Department of Justice agency that fights drug trafficking and distribution. The agency is in charge of domestic enforcement of the Controlled Substances Act, sharing jurisdiction with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and US Customs. Domestically and abroad, the DEA is solely responsible for coordinating and conducting U.S. drug investigations.


    To apply for a job at the DEA, students must meet the DEA Employment Requirements and comply with the DEA’s Drug Policy. The following requirements must be met by juniors and seniors:

    • Citizenship of the United States is required
    • Students must be enrolled in an accredited college/university and carry at least a half-time course load
    • A minimum GPA of 2.50 is required
    • Participate at least 20 hours per week for one full semester
    • Colleges and universities may grant credit to students based on their requirements
    • The following general skills and abilities are required, as well as knowledge of the English language:
    • Identify significant factors in problems by analyzing them
    • Analyze pertinent data and identify solutions
    • Work plan and organization
    • IT-savvy
    • Effectively communicate orally and in writing


    • Degree-seeking students enrolled in academic, vocational, or technical schools (diplomas, certificates, etc.);
    • When appointed, at least 16 years of age;
    • Studying at least half-time in an accredited high school, technical school, college or university, graduate or professional school;
    • I am a U.S. citizen. Residents admitted to the program as trainees do not need to be citizens; however, as permanent employees, they must be U.S. citizens.

    How To Apply For a DEA Internship Application 2022?

    There are several steps you need to take if you are interested in applying for a DEA internship. You must first find a suitable program. It is possible to find out if any positions are available at your local DEA office by visiting their websites. If so, you can submit an application online or request an application form by mail. In order to submit your application, you will need to contact the DEA office closest to your location. Add a cover letter and resume if necessary. You will receive an acceptance or rejection letter after your application has been processed. Congratulations if you’ve been accepted! Try again next year if it doesn’t work. No matter what, the DEA welcomes applications from all qualified applicants.